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BreakerCulture Weekly | EP23 | Chat w/Crackin’ Wax | Charity Breaks to “Ohtani is gimmick of year” to MuteMath to Favorite Yoga Stretch?

Today we spend a morning chatting with Chris at Crackin’ Wax. Chris has been funneling $ to charities via his breaks for a LONG time…and you need to get to know him! We discuss all kinds of things, including:

  • How Crackin’ Wax began.
  • What exactly is a charity break?
  • Who is MuteMath? (Check them out here)
  • Is Ohtani a hobby gimmick?
  • Is breaking an addiction?
  • Chronicles Baseball
  • Favorite Yoga stretch?
  • and a whole lot more….

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Other items mentioned in the podcast:

2018 Football Checklist Headquarters

2018 Baseball Checklist Headquarters





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Christopher Lawson
Christopher Lawson
3 years ago

Thanks for having me on. It was a blast!