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Liberty Bell Breaks is a sports card case breaker.  We break all sports, every night of the week.  Typically, our case breaks are priced lower than the majority of all other breakers.  We provide next business day shipping on all breaks.  We strive to create a collector friendly and fun atmosphere with our business and room.  The majority of our breaks are filled in our Facebook group.  We have multiple team members who are available all hours of the day and night to answer any questions you may have or assist you in any way.

Please feel free to join our Facebook group, as it is the best way to not only enter our group breaks, but to enjoy the complete Liberty Bell experience.

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You’ll get the ability to:

  • add specials/coupons
  • respond to comments
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3 years ago

Great guys and fun to break with. They get all the new stuff and break it on time. They even offer consignment of hits and are easy to communicate with.

3 years ago

Great Attmosphere

Charles Brewer
3 years ago

Been a member of Liberty bell breaks from day one, Bruce has always offered the fair and value to all his breaks, Treats all members with respect, trying to accommodate all members on break types, and time of breaks.

3 years ago

Not only is LBB a great place to break, but the entertainment value is through the roof. The Facebook group is a great community to just hang out and have some fun in between breaks. Great prices, good people, Jordon’s spaceship and hiiiiiiiits!

Jon R
Jon R
3 years ago

Been breaking here for some time. The professionalism and courtesy is second to none.