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BreakerCulture Weekly || EP29 || Getting to know Tracy Hackler @PaniniAmerica | What do Mahomes, Michel, and Kamara have in common?

This week we kick back and chill with Tracy Hackler from Panini America (The Knight’s Lance Blog is Here). There is no doubt you’ll be intrigued with our conversation as we cover a TON of great hobby topics.

Here is what you can look forward to:
* What exactly does Tracy do?
* How Tracy approaches his role with Panini.
* How good of a basketball player is Mark Cuban?
* Is there a product that is more difficult to market?
* The intricacies of creating + promoting a retail product.
* “Cards are hard!” — agreed. 
* The realities of manufacturing cards – check these videos out.
* What happens on release day at Panini America?
* How is it to work with athletes?
* How Alvin Kamara approaches his signing day.
* What happens when athlete wants their 1/1 auto?
* Thoughts on group breaking in the hobby?
* How does group breaking affect product choices?
* Do we need more new products or larger print runs of current products?
* So much more!

Tracy’s Recommended Book:
* Football for a Buck | amzn.to/2pL8VbZ

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Other items mentioned in the podcast:

2018 Football Checklist Headquarters

2018 Baseball Checklist Headquarters


2018 Panini Playbook: (Tracy’s favorite product)

2018 Panini Illusions Football

(Panini America opens 3 boxes HERE)



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