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BreakerCulture Weekly | EP50 | Look who’s back! eBay Breaker trends, Social Medial Frustrations, Headline Hopper, and more…

Today I’m SO glad to have our beloved co-host back in the studio. Shani Pelled is back in the swing of things and it’s like he never left!

We dig into a variety of subjects, including:

+ Why the rise of eBay Breakers? 

+ Is eBay breaking a good thing?

+ What did Shani do the last 3 months? 

+ Social Media frustrations (*cough* eBay links are annoying)

+ Headline Hopper  — March Madness, MLB Rules, NFL Trades, etc….

We try out absolute best to keep this to an hour… which kept some important topics tabled for this weekend’s episode (Heritage Results, and Optic VS Prizm Vs Select).


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