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BreakerCulture Weekly | EP52 | Late night with Ethan @ Prestige World Wide | Wax Packs for the eBay world!

On today’s episode (Ep 52), we get the opportunity to spend an hour with Ethan from Prestige World Wide Cards. This is another breaker that deserves your attention…and today you get to hear their story!

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Here are some of the topics we cover in the conversation.

+ Why is it SO HARD to make a career breaking on eBay

+ What has/hasn’t eBay done to make life easier?

+ How did PWWC get started in all of this? 

+ From non-collector to breaker specialist…

+ Great products….awful products….

+ Lessons learned over past 3 years….

Lots to unpack…  but I promise it’s an enjoyable conversation and you’ll leave with few new nuggets of insight!



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