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EP55 | BreakerCulture Weekly Podcast | Special Edition – Talking 2018/19 Bowman Pricing Ladders | BGS vs PSA?

On today’s episode (Ep 55),

This is a shorter SPECIAL EDITION episode for the data driven collectors/investors. I spend 30minutes breaking down the recent pricing ladders for:

2019 Bowman Baseball  2018 Bowman Draft Baseball

Learn how I process the data, provide analysis, and make my own investments based on the pricing ladders. 

In the final 9 minutes, I give a quick glimpse into an article we are writing on BGS vs PSA, which is the best investment? We have been working on this for a few months and it’s starting to come together. But today I share a couple of observations surrounding graded data on RONALD ACUNA JR. There are some important takeaways and I’m excited to share them with you.

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There is lots to unpack in this conversation, hopefully you walk away with a few nice takeaways for your own journey!


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2019 Bowman Baseball



2018 Bowman Draft Baseball





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