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EP62 | BreakerCulture Weekly | Let’s talk 2019 Allen & Ginter with Crackin’ Wax! | Building BRAND Awareness | and Spaghetti Westerns.

In today’s episode we sit down with CRACKIN’ WAX and the infamous Chris #4 ;-). It’s been 8-months since we had him on the show and today we catch up on everything going on in his world. We also talk about the massive success he’s made on the Charity front. And finally, we discuss what he’s learned about building BRAND AWARENESS in this hobby (but relevant anywhere in business).

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Quick agenda:

  • Updates from last 8months
  • Charity Break Overview
  • The insane Charity Prize Packs
  • Thoughts on 2019 Allen & Ginter
  • Brand Awareness – what has Chris learned?
  • and so much more!


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