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EP69 | “Respecting the Hobby” with Midwest Box Breaks | Don’t neglect 🚧 billboards 🚧 in your marketing campaigns!

In Episode 69 I sit down with Ben from Midwest Box Breaks. We spend an hour talking through his story and how he ramped up the growth for MBB this past year. Hear his story and some of the unique aspects he’s wrapped into his Group Break style.

We also discuss:

  • Navigating the Social Media Platforms within the hobby
  • How Billboards can still work. 🙂
  • Driving engagement / community the RIGHT way.
  • The product allocation paradox
  • What the hobby needs…
  • Knight Rider, Gator Mike, and parting thoughts.

Be sure to use Coupon Code “CULTURE” for 5% your next break at MBB.

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