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EP71 | Arcade Owner to Group Break Game Show Host w/AIAB Breaks || How to get excited about to single packs of baseball cards…

When I chat with newer entrepreneurs entering the sports card hobby, the first thing I listen for is originality. To be successful you have to have a certain element of uniqueness. Today I get the chance to chat with one of the most original content providers in our hobby. Ed Farias from AIAB Breaks is breaking the mold of ‘normal‘ group breaks. His background as an Arcade owner and his love for gameshow experiences is one-of-a-kind. I can’t wait for you to hear his story… and to participate in one of his breaks!
Here are some things we talk about:
+ Identifying what makes you SPECIAL within the hobby.
+ How Ed spotted an opportunity.
+ Navigating the allocation world as a new breaker.
+ The thought process behind PRODUCING an entertaining stream.
+ How partnering with other hobby vets like the Jabs Family can be advantageous. 
+ Why it’s always important to check yourself for ticks.
+ The simple approach to working around allocation issues. 
+ How you can not neglect the forgotten sports card products of the 80’s, 90’s and today. 

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