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EP75 | Approaching the Modern Collector w/Emily from TOPPS | Digital Strategies, 2020 Products, and Disney !?!

Today I get the pleasure of chatting with Emily Kless the new Communications Manager for Topps Company. We cover a LOT of topics in 45minutes and definitely set the stage for some great conversations in the future. Here are some of the topics you can expect:
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Agenda for show:
– Emily’s background and evolution to her new role! 
– Perspective of the hobby in 2019 + 2020.
– How is Topps looking at this hobby growth? 
– Is the Hobby growing too fast?
– Distribution Model — thoughts on changes?
– Group Breaking – Is this new culture a good thing?
– How can collectors better appreciate/incorporate Digital cards into their collecting? 
– Misunderstandings around Digital cards? 
– 2020 Topps Releases — Series 1 — Allen & Ginter
– GPK 35th Anniversary
– and more!! 



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