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EP36 | The ART of MLB Prospecting w/Bowman Contributor JAYPERS413 | 2018 Bowman Draft Tips!

In Episode 35 we get the great opportunity to chat with J.P. Schwartz (@Jaypers413) who is one of the definitive voices within MLB prospecting. He’s a Bowman checklist contributor and a excellent source of prospect insight. I’ve followed him + his insight for years and now consider his twitter account a MUST follow. There are a lot of opinions in our hobby but very few as educated and complete as Jaypers. And the timing couldn’t be better…. With 2018 Bowman Draft releasing on December 14th, 2018.
If you are interested in Bowman Draft or MLB prospects, this is a must listen. Spend the 30minutes and glean some of the insight from JP and his methods!
Quick topics include:

+ Initial Observations of 2018 Bowman Draft Checklist — 24 of 27 First Rounders!!

——> Reducing overall Autos == better chance for top names == B+

+ JP’s approach to breaking down stats/box scores

—> The most important stat category for a prospect

+ What his scoring system means to you (the collector)

—> What does a 5-star prospect actually mean?

+ How the team market affects the player value…and what teams are surprising us in 2019.

+ 2018 Bowman Draft — Deeper observations

—> a couple of names to consider from this years checklist.

—> Comparison to last few seasons. 

—> How JP works with Bowman for checklist

+ Tips on getting into Baseball Prospecting

—> Listen closely, it includes Leaf Products! 
+ Much more!


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