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EP54 | The Mindset of Card Hustling…. Tips on the Marketing/Metrics/Mario with Chris Keller @ TopShelfBreaks

On today’s episode (Ep 54),

On the road this week, but squeezed in a great conversation with Chris Keller from Top Shelf Breaks! Today we spend nearly 90minutes talking through the mindset that goes into running a hobby business. Specifically, what lessons/tips/ideas Chris has from his 5+ years running his business.

– Promotions vs Giveaway 

– Metrics to care about

–  Should profit always be the most important consideration?

– Where should the MAJORITY of time be spent in the early days?

– Apps/Technologies that have been instrumental.

There is lots to unpack in this conversation, hopefully you walk away with a few nice takeaways for your own journey!

Past Top Shelf Break Interviews are here: (EP24– From Can of Beans to Breaker, Ep45 – Intro to Rippin’ Gypsy)

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