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Our Vision for BreakerCulture


Breaking is finally normal! 

It’s taken a few years, but no one (in the industry) would argue that “breaking” is abnormal or out of place. In fact, most would probably agree that this form of collecting is the “new normal.” There is a lot of goodness that has come out of recent changes in the hobby, and breaking is a key change agent.

But, with any change there comes risks…and breaking (as a customer + breaker) has led to a whole host of risks and concerns. Many of these risks are amplified by the unique nature of our hobby (deregulated) and the fast rise of the breaking segment. Our goal is to help minimize the risk and foster a community that can participate in breaks WITHOUT the associated risks.

Here is a short-term vision for BreakerCulture:

  • Provide a simple outlet for you to provide reviews for your recent breaker experience. 
  • Provide a simple avenue to discover new breakers…and reliable organizations.
  • Establish a spot where you can discuss new breaker trends, ideas, and hot streaks.
  • Establish a landing spot that helps bring together the current prices…and create a more competitive environment.

These are the items we are committing to rolling out in the next few weeks. We will be working hard to create a spot that you’ll want to visit and participate in. Hold us accountable by providing feedback via email, twitter, or comments here.

We appreciate you stopping by and look forward to seeing you around!

BC Team

(Brad & Tyler)

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