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2017 Bowman Platinum – The Elusive Retail Exclusive – Box Break + ROI (FINAL UPDATE)

Most of you know that I’m not much of a box breaker. Those days have come and gone and I found solace in buying singles + packs for my kids. But…the hype of the 2017 Baseball season has sucked me in and I decided to demonstrate a collector’s experience with 2017 Bowman Platinum. First off, this product is hard to find. Extremely hard to find. I’ve searched various Wal-Mart’s across Missouri and have only come across 2 stores that have the product. One store was sold out. The other had 4 Blaster Boxes + 2 Collector Boxes + 5 Rack Packs. I bought them all…..

Before I jump in. TELL US YOUR THOUGHTS ON 2017 Bowman Platinum.

My initial reaction is that the product is surprisingly enjoyable.  Most of the cards were in mint condition with solid corners and surfaces. There was a good mix of color + variations. The checklist lends itself well to a 4 -5 card pack product.

On adventure #1 — I spent $277.44 (2 Collector, 4 Blaster, 6 Rack)

Here are my core hits:



As you can see there is a pretty decent mix of color and big names.  The exclusive ICE refractor cards are a nice (4 card pack) bonus inside the blaster’s. I was lucky enough to nail a Bellinger. The Special Edition boxes are a GREAT value at $70 for 2 Auto’s + 2-3 parallels.

On Adventure #2 – I spent  $731.92 ( 4 Collectors, 10 Blasters, 18 Rack Packs)

Whew! In between lunch break, meetings, and an early morning… I hit up 10 Wal-Marts and scored at 3 of them. The other 7 had been completely cleaned out. Here are the results:



Overall it was another impressive break. The Benintendi /50 + Rutherford /10 + 2x Judge Ice + Trout Variation….  those 5 cards probably made the break.

One thing to note, in the second round I only pulled 2 Bellinger Base RC cards! In comparison I pulled 5x Judge Base RC.

There was a decent hit-spread amongst each type of product. But if I was to rank the 3 options. I’d go:

#1 – Blaster Box (Was hitting an auto every 2 boxes)

#2 – Collector Box (All but one had a color auto)

#3 – Rack Pack (only 1 in 10 had an Auto)

This round brings my total current 2017 Bowman Platinum Investment to:


That purchased me:

  • 112 Blaster Packs
  • 24 Rack Packs
  • 120 Collector Packs.

# of Hits:

  • 19 Auto’s
  • 8 SSP (#’d to less than 50 – Non Auto)
  • 19 Bellinger + Judge Cards


I don’t think I’ll be coming across any more in my area, so this is probably the most I’ll spend… but if I do see any I will ABSOLUTELY purchase them.

For the price + checklist + enjoyment factor — this is the best product on the market as of today.

2017 Bowman Platinum ROI – Daily Update


2017 Bowman Platinum Sales
Date Daily Sales Less Fees&S&H Top Selling Card Total ROI
7/8/17 $9.75 $5.83 Strasburg /99 Green
7/9/17 $186.69 $161.54 Swanson /25 Auto ($96)
7/10/17 $375.34 $327.55 Benintendi /50 Auto
7/11/17 $195.02 $168.87 Partial Master Set
7/12/17 $182.50 $157.85 Blake Rutherford /10
7/13/17 $84.50 $71.61 Matt Carpenter /10
Revenue Total $1,033.80 $893.24
Total ROI


After all that fun we ended with an 89% ROI.  Let me put it another way…. we lost 11% on our investment. 

The reality is losing money on “wax” is normal. You shouldn’t expect to “make money” cracking wax… but anytime you can get a 90% return / keep some PC cards / build a set for your kids…. that’s a worthwhile adventure.

Glad I made the leap and enjoyed the experience with Bowman Platinum Retail this year.


Thanks for reading. Keep coming back for updates!



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