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EP64 | The REALITY of Opening a Card Shop & Insider Tips to 2019 National Sports Card Convention w/Top Shelf Breaks 🍕🥤

In Episode 64 we get the pleasure of spending an hour with Chris from Top Shelf Breaks. Last time we had him on we heard the journey of acquiring retail space and planning for a shop… Now he’s LIVE and just opened! Now he just sits back and counts his $$…. 🙂 — If only it was that easy.


  • The Card Shop Opening Process
  • Early Lessons Building community
  • How to leverage CBD Oil to drive card sales.
  • What cereal Chris likes the most….

In addition, we break down the 2019 National Sports Card Convention and help you understand what to expect before you go!

Overall it was an awesome conversation with an outstanding dude. Hope you enjoy it!

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