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EP65 | The Story of Signatures for Soldiers | How Passion & Urgency SHOULD be vital to YOU | What Jones, Francona, Baker, McCullers, and more have in common!

Today we break our vacation hiatus with a incredible important interview. I get the pleasure of spending nearly 1 1/2 hours with Tim from Signatures for Soldiers. I left The National (NSCC2019) thinking about my conversation with him and KNEW I had to get him on the show. So here you go, I moved this in front of everything I had in the queue because their mission is THAT IMPORTANT! 
But, we don’t just get the pleasure of hearing their story. We also get to uncover some nuggets of wisdom for your own business/life. We discuss…
  • Lessons learned from running a non-profit
  • Hurdles that you have to force yourself to get past
  • How do you create a message that resonates…and consistently. 
  • How do you maintain energy each and every year.
and then we discuss…
  • Tim’s perspective on the hobby.
  • Some of the most fascinating Player/Coach interactions he’s had
  • His favorite favorite War Movie
  • How he plans on monetizing his two dogs.
and much more! 
We are also supporting their goal of trying to raise $100,000 by the end of the year. Go to www.DubbsCoffee.com and use coupon code “SOLDIERS” and 50% of everything you spend will go DIRECTLY to Signatures for Soldiers! 

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