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EP66 | The process behind Prospects1500 and how their analysis can HELP YOU the Collector | & SEO / Social Media Secrets!

 Today I get the pleasure of chatting with Scott Greene from Prospects1500.com. This is an outstanding resource that is focused on analyzing the minor league systems across the MLB. For the past 4 years Scott and his group of correspondents have been breaking down the minor league systems and putting out some valuable Top 50 prospect lists. As a sports card collector…these can be extremely valuable!
We talk about a LOT of things, but here are a few:
  • Resources to help identify prospects
  • How this passion evolved into a legitimate resource
  • Lessons learned from SEO / Social Media / Expanding
  • Some HOT prospects to keep an eye on…
  • A few prospects that were missed…
  • Why Scott doesn’t ever consider grading a card…and plenty more!Enjoy the conversation!

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