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EP74 | How to BUY & SELL during MLB PLAYOFFS ⚾ Ideas for each Division Series 🏀What’s the deal with 2019-20 Panini Prizm Collegiate Basketball? 🤐

Today Shani and I discuss our 4 favorite products hitting the marketplace in October. We also spend 20minutes talking about our personal strategies to BUYING and SELLING cards during the MLB Playoffs. 
Agenda for the show….

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Agenda for show:
– Update on Shani w/family
– Why driving 6 cards is more stressful than just about anything else (to Shani) 😉
– The 3 CORE products in the Hobby this October
– The new approach with 2019 Topps Update Baseball
– The potential for a RETAIL version of the 2019-20 Prizm Collegiate Basketball?!?
– How to approach your BUYING during the MLB Playoffs. 
– What players do we like in each series? 
– How should you sell your cards during this time? 
– MORE! 

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2019 MLB BGS 10 Rookies Ending RIGHT NOW!!

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