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EP78 | The FUNNY things you notice as a “grown up” card collector | Prizm Silver Football is for real? | The Optic Holo Basketball response? | Mason Rudolph?

In today’s episode Shani and I cover a couple of burning topics within Football/Basketball….. and then we breakdown the funny nuances/hurdles we all face being adult collectors. This was a FUN discussion!
  • Is the Prizm Silver Football RC card here to stay?
  • Mason Rudolph is hobby relevant? You decide.
  • Prizm Silver vs Optic Holo Basketball …. the great paradigm shift.
  • Where are the investment opportunities within Basketball?
  • Will this happen again?
  • 2ND HALF…..
  • The funny nuances and hurdles we all subtly or NOT-so subtly approach in the hobby.
  • The little things we are all thinking… but no one says. 
  • Is hobby your escape?
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