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TOP 5 MOST Undervalued MLB RC Cards from the 2021 Season

This baseball season has had some major surprises. The obvious surprise being Shohei Ohtani blowing up (CHECK OUT HIS RC’S!) and bouncing back big from his awful 2020 season. Acuna has played as expected (and is now out for the year), and Soto has been down in his production this season. In general, the big 3 going into the season of Soto, Acuna, and Tatis have all dropped in value for their PSA 10 RCs. Soto and Acuna have almost been cut in half, and Tatis has seen some pullback but not as extreme.

Most of this can be attributed to market correction but also to massive supply which will only get worse as PSA catches up. I strongly believe if you have a stash of base card PSA 10 RCs of any of the main guys, trade/sell up to color or numbered RCs as quickly as possible. In this article, I am going to give a quick handful of names who are performing well but the hobby love has not increased with it. Then coming soon at the All-Star break will be my second RC Report update for the 2021 season!. Let’s dive in!

(Stats are as of July 4th)

Rafael Devers

2018 Topps Series 1 RC PSA 10 $52

Age: 24   

STATS: 20 HR 70 RBI 57 R 3 SB .290 Avg WAR 3.2

Devers took a step back in 2020 from his monster 2019 campaign. It seems that he is back on track to what he showed in 2019. He is currently 16th in the league with a 3.2 WAR. He is battling Vlad and Ohtani for the league lead in RBI but his card values haven’t moved! His higher-end RCs have moved, but his 2018 Series 1 RC is cheap at $52 for a player that is dominating statistically, on the All-Star team, and has the Red Sox leading the AL East even with their lack of arms. Devers PSA 10 RC should be closer to $100 even with the market pullback.

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Jose Altuve 

2011 Topps Update PSA 10 RC $100

Age: 31

18 HR 47 RBI 61 R 4SB .286 Avg WAR 3.2

Now Altuve’s PSA 10 RC is a respectable number, unlike others on this list. I put him here mostly because he is putting up big numbers after the trashcan-gate. Now, we know he isn’t batting his crazy .350 Avg but he is showing some power and chipping in some steals as well. He also is in the top 20 with his WAR showing he is one of the best players in the league. In Fantasy he was left for dead, many thought after 2020 he was done. That is not the case, can he do enough to still be in the HoF discussion? That will be an interesting topic down the line but he is performing now and a big reason the Astros are leading the West. 

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Jose Ramirez 

2014 Topps PSA 10 RC $70

Age: 28

18 HR 50 RBI 54 R 6 SB .265 Avg WAR 2.8

It seems Ramirez is always overlooked in the Hobby. Cleveland is hanging around with a luck luster roster and Ramirez is on pace for a 35+ 100 RBI season and double-digit steals. He is the anchor in that line-up and will continue to be for years to come. It seems to me that he should be worth a lot more than $70 and if Cleveland can make the playoffs I think he will get there.

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Bo Bichette

2020 Topps Series 1 PSA 10 RC $55

Age: 23

15 HR 54 RBI 68 R 12 SB .287 Avg WAR 2.5

Bo Bichette in my mind is the biggest head-scratcher on this list. Some can be attributed to his teammate Vladimir Guerrero Jr. having an MVP-type season, but Bichette is playing well in the shadows himself. Bichette started rather slow and since then has been playing lights out. He is on pace for 30+ HRs, 110+ RBI, and 25+ SBs. That is a lot of tools on display in his first regular full season. Get Bichette while you can, there is a reason not many are for sale right now. 

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Ozzie Albies

2018 Topps Series 1 PSA 10 RC $40

Age: 24

15 HR 59 RBI 50 R 13 SB .269 Avg WAR 2.7

Albies is another player playing in a shadow, two even. With Ronald Acuna Jr. and Freddie Freeman, it is easy to be unnoticed in Atlanta. The thing that gets me about Albies is how much he has done already and he is still only 24. This Atlanta team seems built to be a solid team for years to come, they have had some injuries to their young arms but have still been an exciting team and Albies is right in the middle of it. They are still in the mix with the wild NL East, which should make for a fun playoff race in which eyes will be on Albies and the Braves. I would generally say that any player that is top 5 at his position and his RC card is under $55 is an automatic buy, that applies here. 

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Let us hear who you think is extremely undervalued? Put in the comments or mention me on Twitter @numbers_behind.

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