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BE A GROUP BREAKER? Step #2: Get your mind right.

Step #2 – Get your mind right.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into the Group Breaker world. The next few days will be focused on helping you approach, prepare, and deliver a group breaking experience. In addition, we will cover some of the fundamental elements of starting a business. These are can be carried into any small business, but are essential to setting up the foundation for your business. But before we get into the complexities of starting your business, let’s dig into this.

Before you start investing your time/resources/and mental capacity into becoming a Group Breaker, you need to answer a few really important questions. These are the answers that will help guide you when you hit the inevitable rut early in your process…and again every few months. Take some time to look them over and think about your responses:

What is my mission as a Group Breaker?

What are the “non-negotiable” attributes I will deliver to my customers? 

What additional value will I deliver to my customers? 

What commitment will I stand by, regardless of the type of customer?

How will I approach adversity with my business and customers?

These are 5 key questions that are focused on “the why” of your business. If you haven’t thought through these, do it. Write your answers on a paper, stick them on your office wall, and stand by them.

You need to approach your Group Breaking with answers to the underlying motives because this is a tough business…and customers want to see conviction.

If you need some ammo to fuel your thought-process, go look at some of the respectable breakers in this industry. Check out their sites and mission statements. Watch them live and see how they respond to different clients. Identify why makes them a bit different. This underlying consistency is EXTREMELY important to the success of your business, and it starts with a strategic approach to those questions.
Here are a few practical tips to help you with these questions:

#1 – Write everything, but be brief.

When you are thinking through your business, write down everything that comes to mind. Get it all out. This gives your mind the opportunity to unload and cycle through newer thoughts. But when you start digesting what you write, summarize and be brief. For instance, you may come up with 4 paragraphs of goodness for your Mission Statement. That’s great! But before you put this on a website, eBay page, Twitter profile, etc… boil it down to 3-4 sentences. This will keep you focused and will help customers relate.

#2 – Think about yourself

Let’s face it, you are probably getting into this business for a couple reasons. You either love the hobby, enjoy business, believe you can do something better, or have a unique approach to the market. Regardless of the reason you need to put yourself in the shows of the customer. How would you want a Group Breaker to “commit” to you? What value do you wish a Group Breaker would deliver to you? What are the ‘non-negotiable’ items in your mind? You are a customer, make sure you would stand behind your own foundation.

#3 – Conviction speaks loudest

This can’t be understated. You need to be convicted about your approach. When you finish reading through your answers you should be fired up! If you are passionate about any one of the topics, make sure it comes out. Customers love to see conviction. Think about those times when someone gets fired up (about anything), it’s contagious. You will likely be falling back on these promises, so by golly MAKE SURE you are convicted about your approach!


Spend some time getting your mind right BEFORE you start digging into nitty gritty of Group Breaking. If you can get your foundation in place you will already be ahead of most of your potential competitors. The rest of the business components can are process oriented and won’t be different than anybody else… but your conviction and mission is yours, it’s who you are. Make it count. 


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