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EP73 | From $50 to 80k+ boxes…the story of Live Box Breaks with Hawk! The time investment up-front is how you survive in sports cards.

Today we get the chance to hear the Live Box Breaks story direct from Hawk. They have ripped over 80,000 boxes for clients since 2012!! This is one of those guys who is an absolutely JOY to hang with, he has such a contagious positive vibe that I know you’ll enjoy the chat. He’s been doing this for almost 8 years, his insight is well-worth the listen. More importantly, we cover some great stuff in the hobby. 

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Agenda for show:
– How SBB evolved out of frustration from laying hardwood floors.
– The insanity of the early days (it seems like 30 years ago)
– Money Orders? What ever happened to these?
– How technology has evolved so quickly.
– The eBay Managed Payment System, could be a really positive thing.
– Rewards System…don’t overthink it. 
– Wait, it’s possible to grow a business without focusing on Social Media!?! 
– How to do repack products the right way… and how Boom Packs have become a staple.
– Investing back into your business….that’s important! Hear how Hawk does it. 
– Seriously…he does this right. Love the approach here. 
– Are we all getting priced out of Patrick Mahomes RC cards? 
– Hawk’s Favorite NFL products each year 
– Allocations. These are earned. Period.
– Is it too late to enter this marketplace? 
– How excited are we about NBA Products? 🙂
– $35 break spot leads to $35,000 …. Uh what! 
– Can we please get Michael Jordan into Prizm basketball?
– Trae Young is better than Luka Doncic! 
– Want to invest in Basketball….consider Optic Holo’s! 
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LiveBoxBreak eBay Breaks Ending Now!!

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